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Board of Directors

Albert Gentle, LICSW
Certified Group Psychotherapist
Mental Health Program Administrator (retired)
SongShine President

Pam Meoli, DO
SongShine Past President
SongShine Director

Terry Huff
VP Home Life Division, State Farm Insurance (retired)
SongShine Director / Treasurer

Ellie Smith
Project Manager, Hughes Aircraft (retired)
Apartment Owner / Manager (retired)
SongShine Director / Secretary

Paul Barnes
Chaplain, Covenant Village of Turlock
SongShine Director

Steve Hanson
Owner / General Manager of KLOG-AM and KUKN-FM Radio Stations (retired)
SongShine Director

Ruthanna Metzgar, DMA
SongShine Creator and Founder SongShine Director

Advisory Board

Neal Hermanowicz, MD, FAAN
Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Center, Eisenhower Medical Center

Mitch Karasov

Gary Miller

Peter Sullivan

Our Mission

The Mission of SongShine Foundation is to:
a. train and certify instructors to teach SongShine vocal therapy classes which are designed to strengthen voices damaged by Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, other neurological disorders, or aging;
b. offer regularly scheduled in-person and Zoom SongShine sessions;
c. present workshops to introduce SongShine vocal therapy methods;
d. continue to create course material using music, speech, creative drama, and imagination.

Theory Behind SongShine

All SongShine’s work is based on the science of neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to reorganize
itself. Previous concepts concerning the brain, based on autopsies, provided limited technical data. Brains were considered mechanistic and fixed. If part of the brain was damaged through disease or trauma it was thought to be broken or irreparable. Today the advancement of magnetic resonance imaging allows researchers to study living brains. This technology has revolutionized the potential for post trauma treatment of the brain. Our program is designed around and affirms the body of knowledge which considers the human brain to be plastic; it is able to change.

The Process

SongShine classes offer a holistic approach to strengthening neurologically damaged and aging voices. An integration of body awareness and relaxation, breath management, music (vocalises and songs), speech (including diction and articulation), imagination, creative drama, playing a role (becoming another), and emotional engagement are combined to involve the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Classes are taught in an affirming atmosphere that gives participants an opportunity to take risks, be affirmed, and build community. Voices are strengthened, friendships are made, self-esteem is increased. As an integrated classroom that includes all age-related and neurological disorders, participants are focused on a common goal rather than a specific neurological disorder.

The Result

SongShine Foundation’s vocal therapy classes offer a positive learning atmosphere in which:
a. voices are strengthened
b. spirits are lifted
c. memories are released
d. community is built
e. self-esteem is increased

SongShine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt public charity.