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Saturday, February 26, 2022

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SongShine’s Response to the Health Crisis

While you are safe at home, SongShine continues to unlock the potential of your voice!
Please visit our SongShine at Home page where you will see three ways that you can strengthen your voice while staying safe at home. Weekly classes via Zoom will continue to be offered as an alternative to in-person classes.

Starting October 4, 2021, the SongShine Flagship class in Palm Desert / Coachella Valley will resume in-person classes. Masks, social distancing, and proof of COVID-19 Vaccinations required. See our Classes page for the details.

Strengthening Voices. Inspiring Possibility.

Welcome to SongShine, vocal music and creative drama-based classes designed for those who have communication issues due to Parkinson’s, stroke, other neurological challenges, or aging. Our goal is to help you communicate more easily and clearly. SongShine harnesses the power of brain, breath, and emotion to reclaim voices. It creates community, camaraderie, and confidence…AND IT’S FUN!

SongShine is not intended to replace scientifically-based traditional medicine, regular visits to your primary care physician, your otolaryngologist, neurologist, or your speech therapist. We are not speech therapy, we are not music therapy, and we are not drama therapy. We are SongShine: an integrative vocal arts program.

Voices are strengthened. Want to see for yourself? Steve and his wife Cherie put together a video testimonial, including an inspiring audio clip of Steve before and after his participation in the SongShine program.

See some snippets from the recent production of Brigadoon and a TV interview with Joe Smith of KMIR and the Founder of SongShine, Ruthanna Metzgar.

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A Program that is Both Heart and Science

SongShine is designed around the leading edge science of neuroplasticity – the human brain’s ability to reorganize itself and change by simulating alternative brain pathways from the creative right side of the brain. Think of it as heart and science. SongShine combines elements from two art forms: vocal arts and dramatic arts. These art forms harness the power of brain, breath, and emotion for the purpose of building voices. SongShine‘s singing techniques are based on Dr. Metzgar’s use of the Bel canto methods of Matilda Marchesi and Estelle Liebling which include diaphragmatic / costal breathing, a free, natural, well-focused tone, relaxed jaw, body awareness, and additional methods learned from excellent voice teachers and the University of Michigan and the University of Washington. Peter Harris, twenty-year professional actor, has full understanding of the beauty and power of the spoken voice, breath, diction, articulation, tongue exercises, body awareness, emotional engagement, role play, spontaneity, creative imagination, story building, and more, learned from his years of study at the Julliard School – Drama Division – and as a student of Edith Skinner, and whose textbook, Speak with Distinction, continues to guide our work. Other techniques are taken from Kristin Linklatter’s work, Freeing the Natural Voice. Additionally, the work of Shelly Carson, Ph.D., author of Your Creative Brain, has shaped our development of SongShine‘s curriculum. We are indebted to these and many others who have helped us create a unique Arts In Healthcare program.

Because speech is the cornerstone of communication, SongShine is committed to improving the lives of people with neurologically-compromised speech. We train instructors using singing, diaphragmatic / costal breathing, diction, articulation, and many creative techniques to strengthen voices. Whether you are a prospective instructor, have Parkinson’s disease, stroke, other neurological disorders, or simply have an aging voice, we WELCOME you.

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SongShine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt public charity.